(but) * * * Disappointed Jaycar! * * *

(but) * * * Disappointed Jaycar! * * *

AVA with the This new Machine

When you yourself have had problems in search of you this week it’s because we simply transferred to a unique host. Sorry there clearly was zero caution however, I didn’t see myself up to they had occurred, in fact some of you realized before I did (and due to people who wrote letting me understand anything is actually up).

It may take a short while with the switch to score to DNS listing however, things is to accept in a rush today.

When you are unanticipated which change are really anticipate, not least since AVA has now been allocated an enormous area for upcoming increases (not too We predict we’re going to want it, even though I’ve been incorrect about this in advance of).

Very a large many thanks to Jeff exactly who donates the fresh server room, and you will Peter in addition to Elizabeth-Staff having keeping it.

Shameless plug

To own Ed Matzenik’s (ex- Atlantics ) take on an old. Youtube it here, or if you will be bandwidth-confronted just like me, convert and you will install through VideoCodeZone.

Routine drafting

At this time I’m examining a number of freeware drawing packages to try to provide the basics of wot’s got it , and wot’s not.

This can be element of yet another AVA area into relevent software – looking at products that will help whenever strengthening valve keyboards amps (or one digital endeavor extremely). Continue reading “(but) * * * Disappointed Jaycar! * * *”