Posted by: Christopher R Taylor at (KZzsI)

Posted by: Christopher R Taylor at (KZzsI)

228 *smishes MP4* Apparently WhatsApp is lower at the same time but nobody noticed because no body can figure out what the hell its for.

232 228 evidently WhatsApp are lower at the same time but nobody noticed because nobody can determine what the hell its for.

Supposedly the remainder business uses it as opposed to texting but exactly who cares? Submitted by: alexthechick – boobies and hysteria at (mf5HN)

“allowed not really what your nation can do for you personally, but what you can do to suit your country”. I dunno’ – OK, I do know – I do not thought my personal senior generation can place their particular heads around “hey G-Man, just care about your screwing company” on a 24/7 levels. They want to achieve great activities – via national. Go to the moon. Contain communism. Everything shit calls for cash, and energy, and policies. Everytime Tom Hanks tugs on that area fit ? That was a buck extracted from anyone against their may. NASA never run-on donations.

236 what exactly is “willowed”, boomer?? Posted by: andycanuck (UHVv4) at (UHVv4) ++++ A movie featuring ewoks, if memory helps. Posted by: Joe Mannix (Not a cop!) at (+IIqY)

In my opinion the relevant question is; carry out the ponies squeeze the tube in the middle or move it up because they go?

Ron Howard movie. Val Kilmer played Batman and Warwick Davis was Dr. Fauci IIRC. Can’t keep in mind whom the small guys are.

243 to the hallway of popularity, right next to the television newscaster exactly who read down “Wi as well Lo, Ho Lee Fuq, amount Ting Wong, Bang Ding Ow”

“From where Im sitting, it may sound such as the audience is saying, ‘We differ heartily and vociferously with Joe Biden’s home-based agenda, wanting for a general change in administration when possible.'” Posted by: TheJamesMadison, with a brand new jobs desktop at (LvTSG)

252 I have the 50mg Zinc too, i simply divide it in two because my personal one-a-day keeps zinc. ——————— Alot easier to figure out than horse-paste! Continue reading “Posted by: Christopher R Taylor at (KZzsI)”