Developer Feedback. Thanks considerably for any thoughtful review!

Developer Feedback. Thanks considerably for any thoughtful review!

Most things you has proposed have already been talked about internally as ways to improve software.

We’ve read opinions from customers like yourself that want to be able to better relate with consumers that are of interest to them.

The facts we have been currently working on is a re-imagined version of labels. From inside the coming variation, there will be most labels, they’ll certainly be searchable, and we will definitely be enjoying reviews in order that we are able to increase the amount of labels as our very own people have fun with all of them.

We want to always help establish connections in regards to our people so we’re excited for you to see what there is in the pipeline! We hope to fundamentally make a 5-star evaluation away from you!


I’ve been applying this application for a long time for just what this app is utilized for.

Subsequently at the time I buy a-one thirty days membership to have the Xtra attributes I found myself banned without warning. I imagined it to be a technical glitch therefore I hit out to the assistance on their behalf and required reasons on the bar and additionally they stated all You will find todo is actually impress the ban. I moved each week without term right back, and attained out regularly. I quickly obtained a email straight back that only mentioned that we are in possession of for years and years bar hence I’m screwed because I purchased they, but much better terminate my subscription or they’re going to keep invoicing me. The one and only thing they said the reason why I happened to be banned got due to neighborhood tips. I asked for clarification on which I broken because I experienced no nudity, no bad language, no in proper speech, so that as an individual We don’t chat bad about other people. Continue reading “Developer Feedback. Thanks considerably for any thoughtful review!”